Teak Decking Templates

Templates for new a New Teak Deck   Templates for new a new teak deck are the first step in the teak decking system. Templates of the area of the yacht are needed to accurately prefabricate the teak deck in our facility. There are several methods to accomplish this, Digitize the area and send via email, Mylar sheets or Door skin ( lauan READ MORE

July 26 2015

How To Remove a old Teak deck

HOW TO REMOVE A OLD TEAK DECK WHEN ITS READY TO BE REPLACED      Why Teak Decks Become Worn Teak will last for many many years but after time it will need replacing. The factors that will shorten a teak decks life are poor quality teak , frequent washing with two part acidic cleaners and sanding on a regular basis. A yachts READ MORE

August 9, 2015

Low Canadian Dollar, how much do you save ?

US to CDN exchange Savings  After a phone call this weekend from a friend in San Diego inquiring about a contact for some Fir timbers,  was not aware of the recent decline of the Canadian dollar and how much farther his US dollar would go. I thought Id write a quick post. The loonie is currently sitting at a 12 year low , 69 cents READ MORE

January 18 2016

Esthec Decking for Yachts

Esthec Yacht Decking At Ideal Teak we have looked at most of the teak decking alternatives on the market. Most of them are cheap plastic and not a product we would like to indorse or work with, Esthec is not one of those !  It is a rubbery sheet material that is of very high quality. The decking can be cut in traditional Yacht decking READ MORE

Teak Boat Decking Advancements

Teak decking laid plank by plank with hundreds of screws in each batton are a thing of the past. The system of teak deck panels prefabricated with margin boards cut to fit before hand is a far better way of teak decking.   Our yacht decks have full depth caulk seams allowing for the deck to be sanded the entire thickness of the teak without READ MORE

May 8th 2015

Selecting teak for yacht decking

Selecting Vertical Grain Burma Teak is essentiel to a quality yacht deck. Vertical grain teak will wear better and more even over time. In flat swan teak the soft grains will wear down making the planks look rutted and the deck will need to be sanded often to keep it looking good.   Plantation Teak although a lot cheaper is not of the READ MORE

May 31th 2015