Low Canadian Dollar, how much do you save ?

January 18 2016

US to CDN exchange Savings 

After a phone call this weekend from a friend in San Diego inquiring about a contact for some Fir timbers,  was not aware of the recent decline of the Canadian dollar and how much farther his US dollar would go. I thought Id write a quick post.

The loonie is currently sitting at a 12 year low , 69 cents US and expected to continue to fall even further toward the 60 cent mark over 2016. 
Although we do purchase material for teak decks in US dollars, and it has brought our material cost up a bit, it will still allow us to offer considerable savings to customers in the US and over seas.  

Currently we quote in the country and currency of the project and adjust based on the exchange rate. 

If your interested in seeing how much farther your dollar will go or would like a quote on a deck that may have been just outside your budget in the past ,shoot us a email and we can put some numbers together for you.