Selecting teak for yacht decking

May 31th 2015
Selecting Vertical Grain Burma Teak is essentiel to a quality yacht deck. Vertical grain teak will wear better and more even over time. In flat swan teak the soft grains will wear down making the planks look rutted and the deck will need to be sanded often to keep it looking good.
Plantation Teak although a lot cheaper is not of the same quality. The trees are grown faster ,larger growth rings, and the oil content that gives teak its natural ability to resist rot and decay is far less. A yacht that has a teak deck made with plantain teak will look weathered and aged in a short period of time requiring sanding more often.

Although the cost is more for vertical grain Burma teak and in the process of milling creates higher waste, the longevity of the yachts deck will be a lot longer and require very little up keep throughout its life.