After many years in the marine industry working with and for the worlds leading custom yacht decking companies, yacht manufacturers and boat yards, Ideal Teak has become a leading teak deck manufacturer, offering the highest quality teak marine decks to the global yachting community. Ideal Teaks custom designed teak boat decking and marine woodwork are built to the highest standards while still being a cost effective teak solution for your project big or small. 

Our clients range from owners of smaller craft in the 20-30 ft range to large super yachts, yacht builders and marine contractors. 

 - We only select the highest quality vertical grain Burma Teak 
 - Full depth Caulking seams in our teak decking panels for longer life
 - Custom made caulking and epoxies for yacht decks
 - Custom teak decking panel sizes and thickness available
 - Prompt turn arounds from templets to completion
 - Direct customer service 
 - Full project management from templates to installation available 
 - Synthetic yacht decking available 
 - Yacht interior flooring in teak and holly or other desired woods
 - Many years experience on yachts of all sizes and designs 
 - Fully trimmed and assembled ready for installation
 - Less time needed on board during installation
 - World wide service, shipping and installation 

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Our teak decking system first starts with a template of the areas. We can either come to the yacht and make the templates or they can be sent to us for fabrication. There will be little disruption to the boat and its surroundings so this can be done in any marina and depending on the square footage not a lot of down time for the boat. The templates then will be shipped to our facility for pre-fabrication, while you continue to have full use of your yacht or allow other work to be done without interruption. Digitized templates can also be sent and be cut out in our facility by CNC machine. 

When fabricating our craftsman take into consideration the yachts design ensuring that the teak decking fits with the overall design of the yacht. Nib patterns, hatches and margin boards are all designed for strength and esthetics. Margin boards will be attached whenever possible making it possible for smaller boat decks like a swim platform or sail boat cockpit to be shipped in only several sections. 

Once the teak deck has been pre-fabricated it will be shipped to the location of your choice for installation. With a substantial amount of the work already being done there will be less time needed on the boat. Ideal Teaks decking system of pre-fabrication allows for considerable savings of yard costs and time making it one of the most cost effective while still using only premium yacht quality teak and the best materials available.


Our teak boat decking panels are available in thicknesses from 3/8 of a inch (10 mm)  up to 1 inch (25 mm) for super yachts. The teak decking can be custom made with batten widths to match any existing decking but our standard planking is 1 7/8 (48 mm) or 2 1/4 (57 mm) wide. Thinner battens are used on some sailboat teak decks to accomplish the bend.
Our teak decking panels are made with full depth caulk seams allowing for sanding all the way through without having to re-seam the deck later in its life. Our standard caulk seam widths are 4 mm and 5 mm for larger yachts.
The panels are backed with a very thin epoxy backer. This allows for the decking panels to have perfectly accurate caulk seams throughout the panel and to hold its shape in curved applications as in a sailboat teak deck.

Teak deck panels are also available in custom dimensions for marine contractors, boat yards and yacht manufacturers to be fit and trimmed on site.

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At Ideal Teak we make the process of new teak decking, a simple and cost effective way to bring value and beauty to any boat. We offer teak decking kits as well as full template and installation services worldwide.

The deck will be pre made from patterns sent to our facility. Once the deck is made it will be photographed labelled and packed in a crate along with instructions on how to install the decking 

The first step after opening the crate is to look over the layout drawing it will show the orientation of the panels and sections , labeling will show the panels as they correspond to the drawing.The area on the boat should be sanded with 40 grit sand paper removing loose debris and ensuring a flat fair surface. Lay out the sections, some will be stand alone pieces while larger areas will need to line up with panels or trim. Using the line up lines and labels A to A  B to B and spacing them with the provided spacers.

The panels can be held in place by temporary screws through the caulk seams or drilling and plugging a few screws in the margins trim. If a fasten less deck is desired vacuum bagging or weighting it down with lead or other heavy objects will work to hold it down until the epoxy has cured. Making sure that the panel does not move when gluing down is very important to accomplish this tape a few areas around the edge and hot glue blocks to stop the teak deck from shifting during gluing. 

If the deck is in more than one sections the seams were the panels come together will need to be caulked. Remove the spacers and clean the seam with denatured alcohol , tape along each side of the teak and caulk with provided teak caulking.
Finally sand the area lightly with 80 grit sand paper removing any epoxy or caulking on the teak. Then clean with a vacuum or air hose and tape and caulk any of the edges that meet the house or vertical structure of the boat. Remove the tape before the caulking has cured and you have a new teak deck installed on your boat.

More detailed instructions will be provided with the teak decking kit , this is a basic over view to show how easy it is to install a small teak deck like a sailboat cockpit or swim platform.


Vacuum bagged fasten less installations of teak decking is only recommended for  experienced teak deck Installers.  We have a very large vacuum pump capable of over a 1000 sq/ft section at one time and have over a thousand feet of specialized vacuum hoses.  Our System is specially designed for the application of teak decks.  This method is advised for carbon fiber vessels and super yachts with large areas of decking.